Take Your Car Home In a Box

Many boys and men want to own a Corvette. They dream about growing up and streaking around at break neck speeds in style. Men dream about car shows and slow moving traffic so everyone sees them in their Vette! They forget about the insurance. It never comes to mind. Because of the power house motors that are in these vehicles it is known high speed accidents will blow them apart. Their fiberglass construction means you are driving a plastic car. Still people are willing to mortgage their homes to have the car of their dreams and a second mortgage to afford the insurance and storage prices.

Why storage? Certainly you want to drive that car every day don’t you. Well not exactly. If you live in Florida and the rain falls your streets become slick. Whoopsi. That won’t be a good day to bring the plastic car to the streets. If you live where the snow and ice cover the roads during Winter you’ll be parking that car. You probably won’t want to do it at home with a car cover because the family won’t think when sitting things on it. You’ll want a private Taj Mahal away from the home to store your chariot. Make sure you put vermin poisoning down on the floor, the inside and the motor to protect your plastic and leather. Mice just love these as well as the cozy homes the carburetor and air breather provide.

When you do get around to taking your car downtown for an outing to the restaurant, do not parallel park. When people with normal cars bump back or ahead to dislodge their cars, they won’t think anything of thumping your bumpers. They won’t realize the blow to your bumper just cracked your fiberglass calling for a $500 to $1000 repair. Of course not thinking about the bumper tap they glide into traffic and motor merrily on their way.

Here are the words of a first time Corvette owner back in 1967. “I picked my new Corvette up on Saturday. I figured I’d contact my insurance company on Monday. I’d just park it in the driveway and gaze at it but the steering wheel was calling my name.” He backed out of the driveway, a car came over a hill, couldn’t get stopped and BOOM! “I put the pieces back in boxes to get them out of the road.”

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